La ricezione critica di Lucio Fontana su “Corrente”

in “Lucio Fontana. Attraversando la materia”


Edited by Daniele Astrologo Abadal, Raffaele Bedarida


This volume, promoted by the Lucio Fontana Foundation and published to coincide with an exhibition held at the Floriano Bodini Museum in Gemonio, offers an interesting overview of one of the many experiences Lucio Fontana tackled in his extraordinary artistic research.

The sector investigated on this occasion is that of ceramic production, an art to which Fontana dedicated himself especially in the 1930s with the start of his activity as a ceramist in Albissola, and which involves the artist’s relations with Futurism, with various Italian galleries and with the group of intellectuals of Corrente.

An interest, that in ceramics, which will accompany him throughout his life, and which is adequately analysed in the critical essays by Daniele Astrologo Abadal, Raffaele Bedarida and Enrico Crispolti. The catalogue of the exhibited works is followed in the volume by an essay by Lorenzo Giusti on Fontana’s critical reception in “Corrente” and one by Alberto Montrasio on his personal collection of ceramics. Biographical apparatuses conclude the volume.

Silvana Editoriale, Milano