Lorenzo Giusti / Cecilia Guida / Cesare Pietroiusti

Menu is a “cognitive meal” based on an exchange in which supply and demand, “dishes” and their price are not food in the strict sense, but thoughts, confidences, gifts and artistic creations. From a reconsideration of the concept of exchange and the obligatory relationship between consumer product (of which food is the most common representative) and money comes the idea of an exhibition aimed at sharing the creative process in which the roles of artist/cook as producer and audience/adventurer as consumer are reformulated according to a circular scheme.

The project will be developed in two stages. The first evening/dinner on 29 September will be dedicated to a collective performance in which all participants can become active participants in the event. In the second part, which can be viewed until 28 October, the works/remains from the first phase will be exhibited and the public will return to its usual role as spectators.

Spaziorazmataz, Prato