Pittura, poesia e un po’ di strada. Cultura visiva di Ungaretti alle soglie di una nuova stagione

in “Immagini e forme del potere. Arte, critica e istituzioni in Italia fra le due guerre”


Edited by Davide Lagagnina


This volume, edited by Davide Lacagnina, brings together contributions on the subject of visual arts and cultural policies between the two wars in Italy. In particular, the question underlying these studies is whether the activities of the period in question, from the arts to architecture, had an influence on artistic production in the first half of the Italian 20th century, and in what terms. Through the contributions of various art historians, the volume thus retraces one of the crucial periods in the recent history of our country, between the First and Second World Wars, with the aim not only of presenting some of the most significant experiences in the sphere of artistic and cultural production of the Ventennio, but also of tackling, in a renewed historiographical perspective, the theme of the relationship between centres and peripheries, strong powers and “weak” images, international aspirations and local identities. Contributions by Enrico Crispolti, Gabriella De Marco, Massimo Bignardi, Gunter Berghaus, Sergio Troisi, Anna Maria Ruta, Davide Lacagnina, Raffaele Bedarida, Lorenzo Giusti, Gianluca Burgio.

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