Radio GAMeC 30 – New podcast with Jaishri Abichandani

Discover the episodes of Radio GAMeC 30, the new season of the museum’s radio station dedicated to the last 30 years of history. Jaishri Abichandani talks about the #Metoo movement. Hosted by Ilaria Gianni.

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Art as a vehicle for a personal commitment to social change is at the core of the work of Jaishri Abichandani (Mumbai, 1969).
Whether in the form of creating socially engaged art works, activating communities by creating new spaces for QBIPoC artists, she examines constructions of National, religious and gender identity as markers of cultural significance to reveal how marginalized individuals hold space and
agency within oppressive systems.
As an artist at the forefront of the struggle against social and political inequalities, her practice has contributed to building and historicizing the struggle of minorities and subaltern classes to assert their rights.