Radio GAMeC 30 – New podcast with Eduardo Kac

Discover the new episode of Radio GAMeC 30, the new season of the museum’s radio station dedicated to the last 30 years of history. Eduardo Kac talks about the cloning of Dolly the sheep (1996). Hosted by Ilaria Gianni.

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The Brazilian artist and theorist Eduardo Kac (Rio de Janeiro, 1962) is the founder of “Transgenic Art” – a new art form based on the use of genetic mutation techniques to create unique living beings.
The interventions on the genome allow Kac to reflect on those forces that are able to silently modify the environment and the body we inhabit, such as genetic engineering or biotechnology. His work analyzes communication systems and the potential interactions between the natural and the artificial, reproducing a world similar to ours, within which authentic and genetically modified organisms coexist. The artist proposes a new approach to biodiversity and nature, in which man, like God, is responsible for creation.